welcome to the island.

you wake up on a sandy beach...

all you can remember is the shaking of the plane as the wings snapped off, and the lurch of gravity as you plummeted into the ocean. your head hurts. your body aches. you are afraid. you are confused. you are worried.

you shake off some of the fatigue and struggle to your feet. you notice you are not alone. thousands of survivers litter the shores of the island, all stumbling along with you.

a flashing glint of glass catches your eye. a bottle has washed up on shore with a message in it. you read the message:

welcome to the island. do as i command and you will survive.

suddenly, an ominous voice whispers in your subconscious:

hello, i am the deity and welcome to my island. when all the survivers have awoken, it will be time to start the ritual. follow my rules and all will be okay.


the survivers is a social experiment run by the mysterious deity on the even more mysterious island.

you and your 9,999 closest friends must perform the ritual, a selection process to form a government with a single leader.

once this is completed, the leader will speak with the deity who will grant five gifts.

it is up to the leader to decide how to distribute them, so choose your leader wisely.



the deity


actually not as scary as you think, but has a weird sense of humor. working hard to quit his boring job and build dope nft projects for the world. loves sushi, baseball, and can't stand progressive commercials.


big coding guy

killer coding resume. leading apple app store game, developer company, ivy league education. pretty modest guy, cares more about his dog valentine than his surviver. understandable.

richard "dick"

creatives R us

steve jobs, jeff bezos, elon musk? all idiots. actually, more like idols and one day best friends (except steve, rip). but yeah, think different man. anything creative here is him.


marketing guru

social planner extrodinare. college bro and nft bro and crypto bro and absolute degen. but also can market the hell out of some s***, and plan a mean function. ask him about sport. all sport.


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