first things first, who is the deity?

the deity is a mysterious entity that controls the island. its origins are as ominous as its commands. but, as you listen to it, you will learn more about the history of the island and even about the deity itself.

cool, now who are the survivers?

the survivers are owners of a surviver nft. they are lost beings, washed up on a mysterious island, and forced to listen to an ominous and threatening entity known as the deity. each controls a different element, wields a different spear, wears different clothing, and belongs to a different area of the island. they are also brave and intelligent and willing to work together to survive the perils of the island.

so, is this a club?

it will be. the first request by the deity is to form a government with a leader. once this is complete, the club is activated and various opportunities will open up to all people who own a surviver nft.

and the collection? what about the technical parts?

survivers are an nft collection of 10,000 beings. they are hosted on the polygon network and cost 28 matic to mint (plus gas fees). as far as rarity goes, certain attributes are more rare than others in creation, but it is up to the owner to determine how valuable they believe their surviver is.

why should i buy one?

this is your chance to participate in a massive social experiment with a rewarding roadmap down the line. plus, look how dope they are. and how mysterious. what can they do with their elements? will there be an issue when monsters start mingling with aliens who start mingling with humans? and at the end of the day, how will they handle the island and the deity.

wait, is this a story?

the story is just beginning to develop, and you can control it by becoming a surviver. the concept was created to allow the owners of the collection to choose their own path. the deity merely acts as a guide to get you there.

now, how do i buy one?

you can mint a surviver for 28 matic (plus gas fees) using the minting Dapp on the minting page. after they are all sold out, you can purchase them from opensea. but you probably want to be the first to mint them instead.

how do i get the matic to buy one?

the survivers are all on the polygon network to eliminate any massive gas fees when transacting. to purchase one, you will need to bridge your crypto to the polygon network. follow this link for more info: how to bridge

what else do you have planned?

merch drops, live parties, virtual events, free gifts, serialized short stories, dope stickers, possibly even a game. depending on the reception of the project, the world of the survivers is absolutely endless. who knows, maybe they can even eventually escape?

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